About YD

Yes, it's us the women behind the brand “YD “.

Thanking you for choosing our brand. There are many options and you've entrusted us with your shopping needs. With that being said, lets officially introduce ourselves to you with a little Q&A session.

Q: Why the Brand Name YD?
US: It's combination of our initials and it's also our motto "You’re in Demand”. It stemmed from a need to reset our mindset and constantly remind ourselves we're precious, valuable, worthy. We're women, we're always in demand and should therefore act accordingly. It's our greatest desire for every woman to think like this. 😉

Q: Why did I start YD?
US: We started YD because it sparked a passion in us. The idea of creating a community and sharing our sense of styles and unique expressions felt fulfilling and not like unappreciated labor. We discovered something we like to do and happily share with those who sees its value. We're multifaceted women bringing multifunctional wear realistically to everyday lifestyle.

Q: Who are we?
YA: - I'm Yasene who work multiple jobs and spend my off days trying out new brunch spots or binge watching scary and action movies on Netflix. I'm family oriented and enjoy creating itinerary whenever my friends come in town and CLEARLY very close to my sister.

KA: - That's a loaded question, here's the short and sweet version. My name is Kim, I also answer to Ote' I'm someone's daughter, sister, niece and aunt, a first, second and third cousin, someone's person, another's Babygirl. You get where I'm going with this right 🤪
I'm an acquired taste. Feel free to take a sip @ ote_takes